The listing below contains articles that have been converted to PDF format.  The listing has been sorted by Author's last name.  They are being made available at no cost to you. All we ask is the name of the city and state or country where the works will be emailed.  Take your time looking through the list.  A  new title has been added to this list which is highly recommended for study.  It is by Peter V. Ross entitled "The Cornerstone of Christian Science - Perfect God and Perfect Man".

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             Title Author
1 Good is Never Dormant Allison, Charles T. 
2 Meeting the Challenge of Theosophy Barker, Laura Bernice 
3 Spirit Transcends Three Dimensions [CSJ - 1949] Brewer, John M.
4 The Fourth Dimension of Spirit - 1943 Brewer, John M.
5 Notes from the Association of Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr. 1941 Carpenter Jr., Gilbert 
6 Defending Ourselves and Our Church from Animal Magnetism or What does animal magnetism have to do with my parakeet? Cook, Nola A.
7 Counter Fact - treatment items Correll, William Milford 
8 Pictorial Representation of the System of Science Pt. 1 [text only] Cox, J. W. S. 
9 Pictorial Representation of the System of Science Pt. 2 [text only] Cox, J. W. S. 
10 The Elimination of Crime CSJ 1968
11 The Healing of Crime CSJ 1968
12 Treat Yourself Daily CSS 1948
13 Accept Healing CS Monitor
14 Handbook for Readers 1975-1981 CSPS
15 Practitioner Talk Daum, Mr. 
16 A metaphysical lesson from thermodynamics Dearborn, Rick 
17 BODY - [January 29, 1886] Eddy, Mary Baker
18 LIFE - 1918 Eddy, Mary Baker 
19 Mrs. Eddy's Address to her Association in the pioneer days of Christian Science Eddy, Mary Baker 
20 Mrs. Eddy's Address to her Association [Translated into Russian w/English] Eddy, Mary Baker 
21 Place Eddy, Mary Baker 
22 Principle and Practice - 1910 Eddy, Mary Baker
23 Treatment for Every Day Eddy, Mary Baker 
24 Ways That Are Vain - Pg 210 of Miscellany - (with application - given to John Lathrop)   Eddy, Mary Baker 
25 The Rose Still Grows Beyond The Wall - 1901 Frink, A. L.
26 Supply [Association address of 1931] Greenwood, Samuel 
27 Target Out Of Range Gwalter, L. Ivimy 
28 The Lord's Prayer - Address given in Switzerland in 1984 Hargreaves, John
29 The Lord's Prayer - Address given in Switzerland in 1984 [Translated into Russian] Hargreaves, John
30 Leaving Things with God Hogue, Blanche Hersey
31 Preexistence and Body - 1986 Holmes, Norman B. 
31 It Shall Be The Duty Hubbell, Jack Edward 
33 Prayer: A Solution to Personal and Political Terrorism - 1991 Lecture #4 Hubbell, Jack Edward 
34 The Science of Christian Healing Hubbell, Jack Edward 
35 Beginning Rightly - a Lecture Jensen, Daniel 
36 Practical Wisdom - Talk to nurses at the San Francisco B.A. Jensen, Daniel 
37 Man: God's Masterpiece Kammerer, Louis H. 
38 Letter from Mr. Kimball to his Students Kimball, Edward A. 
39 Normal Class Notes Kimball, Edward A. 
40 Christian Science Lecture - Title unknown - April 12, 1899 Knott, Ms Annie M.
41 Psalm 139-A new Beginning - transcript of track 8 - last trk on CD Krueger, Caryl 
42 Healing Stubborn Will & Stubborn Illness - Sentinel 3-15-75 Vol. 77/#11 Leedom, Joanne 
43 The Church in Your Future McClain, Thomas 
44 Correct Identification Monitor Article
45 When a Pet Leaves Monitor Article
46 Demonstration of following the pattern of the Lord's Prayer Rieke, Dorothy
47 The Cornerstone of Christian Science Perfect God and Perfect Man Ross, Peter V.
48 Our Journey Toward True Selfhood Seal, Francis Thurber 
49 The Correct Approach to Treatment - Excerpt of an Address 1912 Seal, Francis Thurber 
50 Man can demonstrate God's control over the Weather Seeley, Paul Stark 
51 Our Father's demand - Unself Mortality Seeley, Paul Stark 
52 Right When? Right Then. Seeley, Paul Stark 
53 Promoting & Extending the Work of Our Cause in the Field (1950) Sentinel
54 Evil: Its Nature and Demise (1) Spencer, James C.S.B.
55 Evil: Its Nature and Demise (2) Spencer, James C.S.B.
56 What it Takes to heal - 1972 Spencer, James C.S.B.
57 Demonstrating the Love that makes Churches Grow - a Lecture Strain, Richard H. 
58 Spiritual Plenty - a talk on Supply Strain, Richard H.
59 Tear Down the Walls of Your Church! Strain, Richard H. 
60 "Mrs. Eddy's Place" - in Bible prophesy - June 5, 1943 CS Sentinel - reprinted 1993 TCS-BOD
61 "The Secret" by Mary Baker Eddy Tomlingson, Irving 
63 Christ Jesus' Sermon on the Mount Undisclosed
64 No Personal Identity Undisclosed
65 Repentance and Forgiveness Undisclosed
66 Testimonies of Early Healings - crushed ankle - corns - blood  Undisclosed
67 Testimonies of Healing from the Field (ear) Undisclosed
68 The Human Concept of the Christ Consciousness Undisclosed
69 Which Way Undisclosed
70 Address by Ralph Wagers to Supt of Nurses @ Chestnut Hill 1971 Wagers, Ralph
71 Truth's Triumph Over the Pleasures of Sinful Sense White, William 
72 The Strength of Our Church  (CSJ - May 1977) Williams, Edward C.
73 The Word Made Flesh - (Association Address) Wilcox, Martha
74 Establishing Day Young, Bicknell
75 Establishing Day [Translated into Russian] Young, Bicknell 
76 God is All Young, Bicknell 
77 God is Individual Consciousness Young, Bicknell 
78 God is Individual Consciousness [Translated into Russian] Young, Bicknell 
79 Christian Science: It's Principle and Method Young, Bicknell 
80 Christian Science: Man's Immortality Revealed Young, Bicknell
81 Christian Science: Not a Mere Name, but Absolute Science Young, Bicknell 
82 The Practice of Christian Science  Young, Bicknell 
83 The Practice of Christian Science [Translated into Russian] Young, Bicknell