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        Orders may be placed via phone, e-mail or regular mail.  List title, author, and 

          quantity of each item. Please give your name, address, phone number, email address 

          and any other pertinent information and instructions. If you wish to ship to another 

          address, give the recipient's delivery information.  


          Payment may be made by check or money order to: Thomas J. Nicol  or you may 

          use PayPal below:

Simply click the PayPal button.  Click on the "Send" button on the top line and then scroll down to the "Send all over the place" and then click the "Send money" button.  Where it asks for "Their email or phone number" enter tj@nicolbrand.comEnter the amount required.  Finally, click on Send Money button. Thank you.

If you have any questions please call the number in the contact information below.



             Processing and handling



         The cost is $6.00 to send 1 to 2 disks in paper sleeves.

         The cost is $9.00 to send 3 to 7 disks in plastic holders or paper sleeves.

          CD's will ship in thin-jeweled plastic cases or paper sleeves as requested.  

          The order generally ships via USPS First Class or package within one to three days 

          of the order depending on if it is just CD's or if hardcopy works is involved.


           If you have a question relating to a CD not listed in this catalog or in reference to

           shipping or if you have any treasured cassettes you would like converted to CD for

           yourself or ones your wish to share, please contact us.    



            Contact Information


          Tom Nicol

          5302 Spectacular Bid Drive

          Wesley Chapel, FL 33544   

          Tel: 813-731-3155 (cell)



               Thank You


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