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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you do this?

I am dedicated to providing these items on Christian Science to those who desire to know more about Mary Baker Eddy and man’s relation to God.  I have been collecting cassettes and vinyl recordings containing lectures, articles and addresses on Christian Science for almost 4 decades. These are inspiring and healing.  I have converted these to compact disks so that the message will be preserved for years to come.  I am attempting to make as many of these compact disks available and as reasonably priced as possible.

Are you in competition with the Bookmark or Healing Unlimited?

The Bookmark and Healing Unlimited are noble organizations providing a large number of works on Christian Science.  I am not in competition with The Bookmark or Healing Unlimited.  I have the greatest respect for Ann and David.  We are all trying to make the public more aware of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, The Comforter; that Mary Baker Eddy remains the wayshower and forever Leader of the Christian Science Movement.

What about copyrights?

Although a number of these works are now in the public domain, I continue to attempt to contact authors. Where I have been successful I have added their works.  It is not my intention to infringe on anyone’s property and I credit the authors for their works.  I am merely trying to get the ‘Truth’ out there, where it will heal.  I believe that is what Mary Baker Eddy intended for Christian Science, that it should be all about healing and teaching.  Many of these pieces have been authored by those in the past and who are no longer with us.  I have also recorded written works by teachers from the earliest days of Christian Science.  These are particularly trying times for Christian Science and Christian Scientists as our blessed Cause appears to be under attack and shrinking.  Animal magnetism will try every way it can to bring us down and hide divine Science again from the world.  Should we let this happen?  If these works are forbidden here and elsewhere where they are available, Scholastic Theology will have won.

How do you do the conversions and why is there background noise on some pieces?

The source material is played into my computer using special editing and filtering software. I arrive at the best possible recording I can.  Some of the cassettes have been re-copied a significant number of times through the years and the audio is somewhat limited.  The background sound is the noise compressed down to allow the author’s or narrator's voice to be heard as clearly as possible.  Allowance is asked, for any background sound, because the message to so important.

How do you determine the cost?

The cost depends on the condition of the final audio, along with the length of the work.  The amount asked has been adjusted to cover the materials and equipment needed to produce the CD's, as well as the condition of the audio.

Would I be able to hear a sample of the title before I purchase it? 

Yes, by calling the phone number on the Contact Information, on the Ordering and Shipping page, if available I will be happy to play back some of the master disk.  Sample CD's are available with any order.

How long does it take for you to fill an order? 

I try and fill the order as quickly as I can, generally within a day or two.  If I can complete all the work involved before the postman arrives, the order will ship the same day.  If not, the order goes out USPS First Class the next day.  These orders have a high priority. Of course the above depends on vacations and other family business.

Is this the only work you do? 

Although I have retired from the general business community, I do audio, photo, and video media conversion in my home.  I also do photo restoration and repair.  I rely on this for an income.  For more information click on Conversions and Photo Reconstructions

If you have any questions you would like addressed, or questions in general as to what is available, please email them to me at the address in the Contact Information on the "Ordering & Shipping" page and I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you 

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