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          Daniel Jensen - $7.00 each

            J01 - “Beginning Rightly” - Mr. Jensen giving talk (transcript is available as PDF)

             J02 - “Practical Wisdom” - Mr. Jensen giving talk (transcript is available as PDF)

             J03 - “Our Original Identity” - Mr. Jensen giving talk

             J04 - Improving Your Models- Mr. Jensen giving talk

             J05 - “Practical Wisdom” & “Our Original Identity” - read by Ruth Leigh


          Gary John Jewks - $7.00

             J05 - “Overcoming Opposition to Prayer”


          Edward A. Kimball - $7.00 each  Read by Thomas J. Nicol

          "Lectures and Articles on Christian Science by Edward A. Kimball" Available from The

             Bookmark and Healing Unlimited.  Lectures, Addresses, and Letters below are from this book except K01 & 2

             K01 - “Normal Class Notes” (> 70 minutes) - (transcript is available from Healing Unlimited).           

             K02 - “A Letter to His Students” - (transcript is available as PDF)

             K03 - A Lecture - “Law and Power Invisible ” 

             K04 - A Lecture - “The Primary Cause of Disease”  

             K05 - An Address - “Love An Absolute Essential”

             K06 - An Address - “Concerning the Practice of Christian Science

                 K07 - An Address - “Modern Man Understands What The Ancients Failed To Grasp” 

             K08 - An Address- The Cause of Christian Science   

             K09 - Four Letters: Letter on Reflection , Instruction to a Student , Letter on Poise , Letter on Identity from the same book.


          Bliss Knapp - $7.00

             K10 - His topics are: “The Woodberry Trial and an Interview with Mary Baker Eddy”


          Two talks by Pamelia J. Leonard and Bicknell Young - $7.00

             L01 - “Body”


          Zoe Seymore Loveland - $7.00

             L02 - “The Serpent and His Temptation or The Power of Suggestion”   


            Ginny Luedeman - $6.00

             L03 - "Finding a Sense of Home That Can Move Beyond Disaster" - Response to California Fires


          Robert R. MacKusick - $5.00

             M01 - “Has The Time Passed For Christian Healing?”


          Rev. Frank E. Mason - $7.00

             M02 - “Hints on Healing – According to Absolute Christian Science” - read by Thomas J. Nicol


          Jer Master - $5.00

             M03 - “Proving God” from a Christian Science Program - for the novice.   


          Thomas A. McClain - $7.00 each

             M04 - “Riding Easy In The Harness”

             M05 - “The Key To The Mystery Of Creation”

             M06 - “The Power Of The Word”

             M07 - “Where In The World Is God?”

             M08 - “Why Spiritual Healing?”


          James M. McGrew

             M09 - “The Search for Life”, ‘Segment of Truth that Heals’, “Feed the Famished Affections” - $7.00

             M10 - “Your Unlimited Opportunity” - (2 CD set) - $12.00


          Notes by Mrs. Newcombe - $7.00

             N01 -“Notes from The Primary Class of Mary Baker Eddy of Nov. 1888” - read by Thomas J. Nicol


          Kay Olsen - $7.00

             O01 - “Prayer, Parenting, and Children”


          John Peterson - $7.00 each

             P01 - “Daily Work For Yourself” - given at Principia

             P02 - “Healing in Our Church” – an open meeting with Q & A at the end”


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