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         Articles - $7.00 each except where marked otherwise

           Item#   Title

           A01 - “Being is Unfoldment”, “God’s Plan”, “Reflection”, “Identity” all read by Milt Lane  


           A02 - “Preexistence CD#1” 6 articles read by Thomas J. Nicol


           A03 - “Preexistence CD#2” 7 different articles read by Thomas J. Nicol 


           A04 - Riviere's Two Great Daniels by David Baxter - a talking book read by Thomas J. Nicol 

                                 'A little voyage among the symbols'.     


           A05 - “The Greatest Thing in the World” by Henry Drummond – a talking book read by Thomas J. Nicol


           A06 - Faculties Indestructible articles and hymns from the Christian Science Periodicals and Hymnal from LP records


           A07 - All the Way and Reflection from the Journal and Sentinel converted from vinyl records


           A08 - Overcoming Pain" - Four articles from the Periodicals from the 1940's by Dunn, Hillebrand, Seeley, & Wagnalls.

                          read by Thomas J. Nicol


           A09 - Divinity Course and General Collectanea" (The Blue Book) Read by Thomas J. Nicol (with permission)  

                          Disk 1 contains the Forward, Introductions, and beginning of Chapter 1 - Notes on Mary Baker Eddy's Course in Divinity 

                          recorded by Lida Fitzpatrick, C.S.D. and Others. 

                          Disk 2 contains the completion of Chapter 1 - Notes on Mary Baker Eddy's Course in Divinity.

                          Disk 3 contains Chapter 2 - Watches

                          Dick 4 contains Chapter 3 - Prayers

                          These CD's may be purchased separately for $7.00 each or in a set of 4 disks

                     for an introductory price of  $20.00

                     Additional CD's will be added as they are completed. 


               A10 - 4 Short prayers: "Defense against M.M.P." by John R. Dunn, "One Person's Prayer" by unknown, 

                         "A Treatment for Every Day" by students of and a portion by M.B.E., "A Ninty-First Psalm prayer" by Lois Ray Carlson.

                         This CD may be purchased for $5.00 due to the length.


           A11 - "An Anachronism" from GOD CAN DO IT by Wentworth Byron Winslow. A story of a telephone and a radio.

                         This is about 17 and a half minutes long for $5.00 and is narrated by Thomas J. Nicol.




         Music - $7.00 each           


           B01 - “Praise God In Song” - Frederick Jagel - tenor soloist


           B02 - “Sacred Songs” - sung by Leona Wise  


           B03 - His arm encircles meThe hymns of Mary Baker Eddy sung by Mr. Dunlap, soloist in The mother Church from LP records


              B04 - Hymns sung by Kenny Baker from the Christian Science Hymnal


           B05 - Teach Me To Love and other sacred songs sung by Kenny Baker


           B06 - Father-Mother, Godand other sacred songs sung by Kenny Baker


           B07 - Hymns of Comfort and Healing - from 2 LP's (30 tracks) - Hymn music with words recited.


           B08 - Exalt The Lord - Seven Poems by Mary Baker Eddy set to music with three biblical texts.


            B09- Rejoice - Songs of praise including seven hymns by Mary Baker Eddy.


              B10 - Stranger of Galilee and other sacred songs sung by Kenny Baker




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