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made available on compact disks 


For those seeking to develop or increase their understanding of Christian Science, we have converted to CD, cassette tapes and LP vinyl records provided by students and families who want to share these treasures.  We have included audio recordings of lectures and addresses of past teachers spanning back to the earliest years of Christian Science. 

You may call to hear a short playback of any of the CD's listed.  See the 'FAQ' page.  Sound filtering is performed on all recordings, and every effort has been made to make them understandable, since the message is so important.  Because of the condition of some of the original cassettes, the audio may not be as clear as on others.  The cost has been adjusted accordingly.  New items are offered as they become available.  

For those who are located outside the continental United States wishing to purchase one or more of the works available on CD, you may purchase these works in MP3 audio format for a reduced cost, payable through PayPal.  The items will then be transferred to your email address.  You will then be able to download the items to your computer or MP3 player.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:17

In addition to the items on CD, we are currently providing at no cost to you, a number of articles, lectures, and addresses given by various lecturers, practitioners, and teachers from the past, in PDF format (Adobe Reader) which are available as email attachments.  Merely send a request including your city and state or country to us at our email address on the Order-Ship page.  We will in turn send a reply with the attached item that you requested. All we ask is the name of the city and state or country where the works will be emailed. You may check periodically for new items.  There are currently 82 items.  Five are translated into the Russian Language by Roman Ermakov.  See below on this page.  If you are a MAC user, and PDF won't work for you, let us know and we may be able to supply your requested item(s) in 'Word' format.  In most cases that will work with MAC.

Christian Science was discovered and founded by Mary Baker Eddy, author of its textbook "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", and many other writings and she remains the wayshower and forever leader of the Christian Science Movement.  

Mrs Eddy's Place

As published in the Christian Science Sentinel, June 5, 1943 and reprinted 1993 Aequus Institute Publication

The position of The Mother Church as to Mary Baker Eddy's place in the fulfillment of Bible prophesy is clearly set forth in the following paragraphs.  These conclusions are not new; they are confirmed by our leader's writings, and the steadily unfolding fruitage of Christian Science bears witness to their truth.

1.       Mrs. Eddy, as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, understood herself to be the one chosen of God to bring the promised Comforter to the world, and, therefore, the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age.

2.       Mrs. Eddy regarded portions of Revelation (that is, Chapter 12) as pointing to her as the one who fulfilled prophesy by giving the full and final revelation of Truth; her work thus being complementary to that of Christ Jesus.

3.       As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mrs. Eddy) revealed God’s motherhood; she represents in this age the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse. (See Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 565:13-22)

4.       Mrs. Eddy considered herself to be the “God-appointed” and “God-anointed” messenger to this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind; she is so closely related to Christian Science that a true sense of her is essential to the understanding of Christian Science; in other words, the revelator cannot be separated from the revelation.

5.       This recognition of her true status enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by “the dragon” (malicious animal magnetism); she was touchingly grateful to those who saw her as the woman of prophesy and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her mission.

6.       This same recognition is equally vital to our movement, for demonstration is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of our Leader’s own view of herself and of her mission marks a great step forward; wisely utilized, this evidence will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader’s relation to Scriptural prophesy.

As we record these important facts, we remind Christian Scientists of our Leader’s words (Miscellaneous Writings, p 308),” The Scriptures and Christian Science reveal ‘the way,’ and personal revelators will take their proper place in history, but will not be deified.”

                                                                                                                                THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 

                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS

All works in this collection are owned by the authors of the works.  Almost all of the talks are lectures that have been given to the public sometime in the past, and many are in the public domain.  See the FAQ page for further information.  

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